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Nitromax Vitamin Energy

Nor vitamin neither energy. It’s vitamin energy!

We are not just a manufacturer.

Does an energy drink always have to be boring and useless? We think not. Here is Vitamin Energy. It is neither vitamin nor energy drink. It is both vitamin and energy drink.

Vitamin Energy is the brainchild of our food engineers and R&D department; along with its zero sugar unique taste, gathers all real benefit today’s consumer needs under a single brand with its vitamin, mineral and natural caffeine content.

Food wholesalers really like Vitamin Energy

We know, it is not enough to develop a great product that the market needs. We have to keep the volumes as compact as possible and follow our principle of less cost and minimum loss for the logistics. We have to place products for marketing and promotion and have to top our brand recognition even at the beginning by reaching its target group.

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Vitamin Energy fits the product development methodology of 48 GRUP perfectly. It is a product to be demanded by the end user, which maximizes the profit, attracts attention on itself and is easy to transport and store.

It reached all continents in a year

We have proven our belief in having created an innovative product with Vitamin energy, with the attentions of F&B sector professionals in the fairs that we have attended all over the world.

First distributor agreements in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia continents took less than a year, a record duration. Product demands have increased more than 50% as a result of market tests of our business partners. Food wholesalers who were looking for opportunities have begun to create their markets in their dominated overseas markets.

Our influence was crowned with 2021 leading brand awards. The best breakthrough energy drink.

New generation market researches show that consumers are leaning towards products with real benefits. They are after benefit and innovation instead of brand loyalty. Food wholesalers who do not want to miss the changing consumer behavior wave must definitely get Vitamin Energy into their storages.

Target group: Youth, people with a busy work life, healthy living persons, those who consume it in a mixture
Product types: 250 ml box
Container volume: 2500 products in 1 container
Average storage and logistic losses: 0.0001%
Air carried on logistics stage: 0.000015%

Product Website: nitromaxvitaminenergy.com


  1. Dear Sir /Madam,

    We are a company Marvelous Impex (Pvt) Ltd our main activities are export, import& trading International Located In Pakistan, Gujranwala.

    We got your company detail from our relevant source. We are group of the companies here in Pakistan and working according to demand of our market.. Our branch office in Azerbaijan Baku and Republic of Moldova. We are interesting to import your products for our region.

    48 Hours Vitamin Energy
    Nitromax Vitamin Energy

    We hope to establish a long-term business relation with your esteemed company. Please kindly send us your latest catalog and price list.. Also, inform me about the Minimum Order Quantity, and your payment terms.

    Looking forward for your kind reply.

    With best Regards
    Miss Fatima

    1. Hello Miss Fatima!

      Thank you for your interest to our Vitamin Energy products. Our export department have been notified to reach you.


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