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Nitromax Gold

Feel your power

We are not just a manufacturer.

It is the very first ginseng energy product in the world.

Nitromax Gold the first product of 48 GRUP, developed in 2006, today can be found on shelves of more than 45 countries all over the world.

This innovation we have brought to the F&B sector was well-liked. It is the non-stop leader of the market for 15 years. The increasing demand over the years shows us the way in regards with the quality of our product and satisfaction of our customers.

It also provides high satisfaction for dealers and food wholesalers who bring our product to the end user. Why?

Extraordinary profit margin

The profit margin of the Nitromax Gold product range is much higher than the other products which food wholesalers distribute. In fact, all food wholesalers and distributors who take a role in Nitromax Gold’s delivery to the end user shows commercial growth.
Nitromax Gold will be your most profitable product we are sure of it. This market leading brand which is accepted by its target group and demanded constantly will also lead your profits.

Why is it liked that much?

Quality Product

  • It is produced by 1st class ingredients. The taste, along with the Korean ginseng provides a unique experience.
  • Award winning package design allures the target group.
  • It has certifications accepted all over the world.
  • Satisfaction levels of testing consumers are over 99%.

Logistics problems were minimized

It is our duty to find proactive solutions to problems of our business partners;

  • We have reduced losses at minimum levels with sturdy and quality packaging design.
  • It was designed in a size that is large enough to attract attention in the self yet has low logistics costs.
  • We have created a smooth operation strategy for our highly demanded product.
  • Long shelf life

After experiencing Nitromax Gold, the users cannot forget its extraordinary effects and breathtaking experiences and place the product among the staple rituals of their lives.
If you have growth plans you must surely clear space in your storage for Nitromax Gold.

Target group: Men, mainly men over 35 years of age
Product types: 16 gr chocolate, 200 ml can, 20 gr coffee, 2 gr metal bonbon candy, 40 ml small bottle
Container volume: 2500 products in 1 container
Average storage and logistic losses: 0.0001%
Air carried on logistics stage: 0.000015%


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    Can your Export Department contact us. Does Nitro have certification, such as ISO, BRC, Halal ?

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