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Catch the cat!

We are not just a manufacturer.

Think of a product which has become a lifestyle for all women. A product they would need with certain intervals and want to acquire. Probably you would think of cosmetic products, or clothing products. Yet, Madam Catty is a food product.

Madam Catty is a marvelous brand that brings forth their secret emotions and allows them to explore themselves and exceed their limits.

The “magnificent”, “provocative”, “I cannot believe there is something like that” comments we get from ladies in the product development is a result of the success of our R&D department and our food production experience of 20 years.

Do we need to say what does such an innovative product means for the sector? Our business partner food wholesalers, distributors and dealers will be satisfied with their earnings results after this business. We have no doubts about that.

Imagine new markets

Successful food wholesalers and distributors know that they got to offer a new and irreplaceable product to their consumers. They wait for the chance to invest in demand yet not saturated markets.

To introduce an innovative and unequaled brand in the F&B industry as its supplier must be a dream trade for a food wholesaler.

Yet, this is not a dream. Madam Catty, with its always replenishing stocks for introduction to new markets, high profit margin, unparalleled presence and sector experience of 48 GRUP promises great gains to food wholesalers.

Its small and sturdy metal package, durability make it safe for overseas export and less costly.

Have demand, profit follow

As researches show, women have different consumer behavior compared to men. When they like a brand, they make it a lifestyle. They want to stay loyal to a brand, have their loved ones experience it and gifts.

Madam Catty, is this kind of a brand

  • It has the power of buzz marketing
  • Worthy of being recommended
  • Has A quality production and has all certifications
  • Has no equals

The latest fruit of the 48 GRUP’s talent to develop an integrated product: Madam Catty. There is only one question food wholesalers have to ask themselves: Will I need new warehouses?

Target group: Women
Product types: Metal box bonbon candy
Container volume 50,000 products in 1 container
Average storage and transportation losses: 0.0001%
Air carried on logistics stage: 0,0015%


    1. Hello Ugochukwu!

      Our innovative product is unrivaled in the F&B industry at the moment. It’s very suitable for food wholesalers who expect high profit margins.
      It has an A+ quality production and all certifications.

      Thank you for your interest from Nigeria.

  1. Salam je demande si je peux avoir des informations sur votre produits je suis intéressé de vente sur le marché du Maroc ‘merci

    1. Salut,

      Merci d’avoir nous contacter. Le responsable régional vous contactera et vous donnera des informations détaillées sur nos produits.

      A bientôt.

    1. Merhaba Ali Bey,

      İlginiz için teşekkür ederiz. İlgili birimimiz sizinle iletişime geçecektir.


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