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48 Hours Vitamin Energy

Nor vitamin neither energy. It’s vitamin energy!

We are not just a manufacturer.

Our brand, which is the brainchild of our R&D department and food engineers, offers a unique and as tasteful experience to its consumer. We have developed a vitamin and mineral containing product by making an innovative move in the energy drink market with 48 Hours Vitamin Energy. Along with the wind of the current conjuncture of nutritious-beneficial consumption, it moves along the way of being the indispensable of consumers.

A unique product

To obtain continuity in a food product is the main goal of the giant food wholesalers. Continuous consumer demand and supply power of the producers created against these demands. 48 GRUP offers a work flow to its business partners where all of this chain is satisfied.

As consumers raise their demand as a result of meeting a unique product, what is left to us is to increase product variety.

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Who would not want a product of high demand in their warehouse

This fantastical product and its rating of “praise-worthy” by the F&B industry influencers in the fairs we have visited, allows us to define our product as “perfect”.

It is a guaranteed food product that provides all kinds of conveniences to the intermediary in terms of logistics, transportation, volume, packaging, and durability.

Let’s grow together

The ever-increasing dealership demands, the increase in the number of wholesale food sellers that contacts us every passing day and ask to include our products to the inventories allow us to expand our production and encourages our brand to grow even more.

A common metaphor that we use for 48 Hours Vitamin Energy is the “snowball effect”. So far, the market share of our product is growing and many organizations such as distributors, food wholesalers and dealers have a share in this growth. We have grown together and we will continue to do so!

Target group: Youth, people with a busy work life, healthy living persons, those who consume it in a mixture
Product types: 250 ml box
Container volume: 2500 products in 1 container
Average storage and logistic losses: 0.0001%
Air carried on logistics stage: 0.000015%


  1. From my point of view on youtube i discovered that this nitromax vitamin stamina empowerment energy drink is very interesting for consumers

  2. Hello I like your products. I want to market them in Morocco. Please give me full information about health licensing, quantity, shipping method and prices. Awaiting your answer, thanks

  3. we are Simat company a specialized in organic and healthy food based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and interested in Vitamin Energy Drink. We do distribution through all hypermarkets and wholesalers.

  4. We are Simat Co. based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and do distribution for organic products thru Hypermarkets and wholesaler. Interested in Vitamin energy drink. please send your best quotation.

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