About Us

48 group company starting from the initial stage of foundation in its life history always was a shining star of many innovative and functional projects in Turkey and reaching consumers through exclusive distribution networks in the world. In order to meet all consumers requirements the structure has adopted the principle of reflecting the demands to production by passing through the sieve of R & D.

48 group is not just a manufacturer; expert in the field of outsourcing, technical knowledge transfer, in the development stage of a product academics and engineers is a large team that develops, manufactures and transports the value-added products of the future with its research and development team, advanced technology supported production, domestic and international sales channels.


Mission & Vision

To contribute to global developments in the functional food sector.

To be a continuous entrepreneur by expanding our field of activity with our existing and new products.

To contribute to the national economy.

To increase the satisfaction of our customers, employees and shareholders.

In line with the talent and capacity of our company, to meet all of our customers’ product and service expectations at world standards.

The key to success is to perceive what is happening in the world and offer products that are suitable for today’s needs. On the other hand, those who think the opposite endeavor to adapt the needs of the day to their products. We never forget this promise. Our products and services always carry traces of innovation. We are working hard to ensure that all our initiatives benefit humanity, our country and the world.