We are not just a manufacturer.

Since establishment of 48 GRUP in 2004, we have been the architect of many innovative brands and products all around the World. Thanks to this dynamic we have brought to the F&B industry and our one-of-a-kind approach, today we are able to provide service on 6,500 m2 production facilities and daily 1,000,000 piece production capacity.

In more than 45 countries!

It is not a coincidence that we are the favorite business partner of food wholesalers all around the world. In our holistic approach, while meeting the brand request with correct brand communication and attractive packaging on consumers’ side, we do not ignore logistics, storage, high profit expectation concerns of food wholesalers. We have certifications that are accepted in all continents such as FDA, ISO, BRC, HALAL, etc.

As we say in our slogan: We are not just a manufacturer;
We are also a team that is expert in overseas logistics, external source procurement, expert in brand communication and packaging, and food wholesaler dynamics.

What Makes 48 GRUP Brands Different?

  • Instead of accustomed products with high competition and low profitability, we develop brands and products without competition and high profitability.
  • We develop brands and products that are fit to be sold in sales points offer service to customers 7/24 in stores, gas stations, hotel mini bars, etc. thus we have our brands and products to lead your sales.
  • We create a natural demand for the end consumer and care about brand communication and design. We create high level websites and marketing materials.
  • We develop products that take less space, easily stored, with low logistics costs, and durable packaging to reduce the losses, durable items.

Our Brands: Distributors that adopt innovation in the food sector, provides great gains and advantage for food wholesalers.

Our brand productivity in the food-drink industry and our mission to be followed, and not follow will continue without pause.

That is 48 GRUP difference.